Lily Dale is a Spiritualist community located 60 miles south of Buffalo, NY on Cassadaga Lake. The town is renowned for its resident mediums and proclaims to be the “World’s largest center for the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism.”

A 1910s illustrated postcard of Lily Dale, NY depicting Cassadaga Lake.

A 1910s illustrated postcard of Lily Dale, NY depicting Cassadaga Lake.

The idea for a Spiritualist community at Cassadaga Lake existed for years prior to Lily Dale’s founding. From 1844 through 1878, several local groups held annual one-day retreats featuring workshops and demonstrations conducted by professional clairvoyants.

The meetings grew in popularity and it was soon decided to establish a year-round Spiritualist community. On August 23rd, 1879 the Cassadaga Lake Free Association purchased a plot of land from a local farmer for $1845.12 and gave it the name “Lily Dale.”

The town is now home to over 275 permanent residents and 30 certified mediums. Each year 22,000 people visit the community for workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that proclaim to “deepen faith and heighten awareness.”


  1. Laura says:

    Just stumbled on this site in researching Camp Chesterfield. Visited Lily Dale twice and have always been fascinated by all things macabre. Thanks for a fabulous experience!

    • Lori says:

      Hello I just heard about this town Lillydale.Thinking of coming down from Ont.I’d appreciate any information on places to stay and the better mediums etc.I have learned a bit on different web sites.Thanks for your help.

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